IRR Fabric – Infrared Reflective Materials


Conducting military operations requires a degree of stealth in order to operate in a covert manner and therefore avoid detection. Traditionally, being able to blend into the surrounding environment under daylight was the key, when visual camouflage was king, however as times have progressed, so has technology; enter the Infrared camera and night vision goggles.  

The end of camouflage? Not quite, simply an evolution. 

Fabric dyeing factory
Fabric dyeing factory
Fabric dyeing factory

How does IRR fabric work?

The IRR technology works through visual disruption, caused by the multi-layered infrared signatures for each colour within the print pattern, which have a specific reflective wavelength to blend in with colours in the infrared spectrum for the specific location garments are intended to be worn.

The result, greatly reduced visibility of the wearer at night with reflectance to mimic the same wavelengths as snow, rocks, differing urban

environments, trees and other green vegetation; while in regular light conditions, you will still have the traditional camouflage patterns in order to blend into your surroundings.

At Pincroft we can combine these two camouflage techniques seamlessly, to provide a camouflage that will disrupt both the naked eye and infrared vision, for truly modern camouflage.

What is IRR fabric used for?

Military camouflage has evolved to combat the threat of night vision detection with infrared cameras that are now commonplace around the world and all work across a spectrum of wavelengths. We give you, Infrared Reflective Technology (IRR), which reduces the visual signature of the wearer to resemble the intended environment when viewed through night vision cameras. 


How Pincroft can meet your IRR fabric requirements

At Pincroft, we have the ability to print camouflage patterns with the inclusion of IRR whilst maintaining colour, shade and performance, either with our own collection of over 50 designs or on custom specific camouflage patterns.

This range of prints and our service means we can guarantee to meet your every need. Our skilled in-house team of colourists, can meet the most complex IRR specifications or can design custom wavelengths ranging from 600nm to 1200nm.

With our state-of-the-art testing facilities and decades of colourist knowledge, we can manipulate the reflectance values to meet the most complex standards and most importantly, with batch to batch repeatability.

Fabric dyeing factory

As with everything we do here at Pincroft, we put the customer first, and our IRR fabric range is no different. We're here for you.

Get in touch now and let us here at Pincroft demonstrate the expertise and levels of customer service that has kept the company at the forefront of finishing for many decades. 

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