Infrared Reflective Material


the soldier in military clothing with a night vision device and on a dark background

What is IRR used for?

IRR fabric is used when military operations require a covert manner and a degree of stealth to avoid detection – both visually and through modes of infrared detection.

Soldier Night Vision Spotting. Military Concept. Operation at Night.

How does IRR work?

In the daylight, IRR fabric enables the user to blend into the environment through the disruptive patterning of the design which also mimicks the background colours of the terrain & nature present. For low-light conditions where specialist surveillance technology may be used to identify military personnel, the unique properties of IRR fabric are required. This works through visible disruption caused by multi-layered infrared signatures within a specific Near-Infrared wavelength to provide enhanced concealment.

How Pincroft can meet your IRR fabric requirements

At Pincroft we have the ability to print IRR camouflage patterns to meet our customers’ exact wavelength specifications and utilising our own collection of patterns or custom-designed prints. We are proud to be Europe’s largest printer of military prints covering all NATO forces including MultiCam and MTP – Multi Terrain Pattern.

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