Batch Dyeing using an Atmospheric or Jig Dyeing Process

Alltex is a versatile, commission textile dyer and finisher, working with batches of our clients’ fabric ranging from 50 metres to 2500 metres in size, and between 90cm and 200cm in width.

We work with a broad range of fabrics, using our extensive industry knowledge and experience to ensure that our finished fabrics meet our customers’ exact specifications. 

As a commercial fabric dyer, we process fabric for a broad range of customers, whose finished textiles are used in a number of applications.

These include:

  • Furnishings
  • Clothing and apparel
  • Displays
  • Sports Halls and Stadia Backgrounds
  • Industrial packaging
  • Lingerie
  • Curtain fabrics

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The fabrics we work with

At Alltex, we have the capability to work with a number of different fabric qualities, and our processes enable us to achieve results that other textile dyers and finishes are not able to achieve. Most notably this includes our ability to effectively dye even heavyweight, 1000 denier nylon fabric. The fabrics we are able to process include: 

Woven cotton






Canvas up to 18 oz




Jig Dyeing 

Jig dyeing is a highly efficient method of dyeing fabric, often referred to as a ‘jigger,’ a jig dyeing machine holds the fabric on two reels, passing the cloth back and forth between each reel through the dye bath. 

As the fabric is held on rollers at its full, open width, this method is capable of dyeing fabric without any creasing. Jig dyeing machines are one of the oldest methods for fabric dyeing using machines, and are suitable for the dyeing of woven fabrics and nylon, up to boiling temperature. 

Nylon Dyeing 

To support our sister company Pincroft, we can offer Nylon dyeing on our jig dye machines.

Using high-temperature jig dyeing, we are able to effectively dye 100% nylon and 100% polyester fabrics with medium shade dyes. This includes heavyweight, 1000 Denier fabric that other dyeing methods cannot effectively dye. 

For lighter or darker shades of nylon dyeing, we are able to use atmospheric batch dyeing.

If you would like to find out more about our batch dyeing, get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.