Camouflage Print – The Many Designs of Camouflage

At Pincroft, we help countries around the world design and print their military camouflage to get exactly the shades and style they need for their armed forces.

With over 130 years of UK manufacturing experience, we have the expert skills and technical knowledge to produce an array of military camouflage prints on fabrics of the highest quality.

Variations of military camouflage prints have existed since the mid 18th century when rifle units were first issued green, brown and other earth-toned uniforms to help them hide in plain sight. Over the decades since, every country has developed their own unique style with different colours and patterns.

Contrary to popular belief, camouflage isn’t always generic green and beige. Here are some fantastic examples of unique military camouflage print styles from across the globe:

Did you know?

Many camouflage designs are dyed first and then printed, so the reverse of the material has a uniform appearance, just in case you roll your sleeves up!

Read more about how we finish our camouflage prints here, for a truly modern camouflage. 

When you choose Pincroft, you can rest assured that you are working with leaders in printing and dyeing. 

As one of Europe’s largest commission textile finishers, we want our customers to be confident in knowing that they will receive a material of the highest quality that is lab-tested to meet the most rigorous standards and last in the most challenging conditions.


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