Flame Retardant Fabric Treatment to create the ultimate protection.

We are Europe’s leading expert on fire retardant fabric treatments for textiles.

At Pincroft, we are Europe’s leading expert in the application of Flame Retardant fabric treatments onto a variety of textiles, with decades of experience behind everything we do.

Our focus is on the market’s evolving needs for FR finishes creating ultimate protection for the wearer. To do this, we work closely with our customers to develop flame retardant fabrics that meet the most demanding of standards.

The textiles which receive our flame retardant fabric treatment combine versatility and superior performance with outstanding wearer comfort, appearance and durability. All produced in one of the most modern bleaching, dyeing, printing and finishing facilities in the world.

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Pincroft works closely with a variety of suppliers to produce high-quality durable fire retardant fabrics, we are Europe’s largest producer of Proban® treated fire safety textiles, offering unrivalled flame retardant protection for the lifetime of the garment, strict quality procedures and extremely comfortable for wearers in Industrial and personal environments.

Proban® is a quality controlled technological process that gives cotton and cotton-rich woven and knitted textiles flame retardant properties that are durable to long term use. Articles manufactured from Proban® fabrics provide reliable flame retardant performance and peace of mind to industrial, institutional and end-consumers throughout the world while conforming with industry fire regulations. Moreover, Proban® fabrics maintain their strength, colour and flame retardant protection properties when exposed to UV light and are thus perfectly suitable for outdoor work environments.

We are Pincroft. We are a leading European expert on fire retardant fabric treatments.

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