Mechanical Textile Finishing


At Pincroft we are able to provide customers with a good range of mechanical finishes in which we can apply friction, temperature, pressure and tension to the textile in order to deliver a number of fabric textures, extra comfort and shrinkage control.

Calendering Icon


Used to smooth, coat, or thin a material, this process is when fabric is passed between calender rollers at high temperatures and pressures.


Brushing Finish

Brushed Finish

This is a physical treatment of one or both faces of the fabric itself, carried out in a controlled process designed to break up the fibres of the yarn and add a brushed finish. The effect is to produce a softer surface that delivers exceptional comfort levels and makes the fabric much easier to wear – particularly next to the skin.

To avoid any increase in pilling the brushing is applied to the back of the fabric. Fabrics treated in this way are given a softer hand, bulkier feel and warmer touch. The finish is permanent, and the wash and wear properties of the original fabric are retained.

Raising Icon


A finishing process that raises the surface fibres of a fabric by passing over rapidly revolving cylinders covered with metal points, improving thermal insulation and warmth.

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The purpose of this process is to bring the length and width of a fabric to pre-determined dimensions by stretching the textile widthwise.

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