We Provide Commission Dyeing Solutions


Our team of textile experts, as well as years of technical experience, have a wide range of state-of-the-art machinery available to ensure fabrics meet the standards needed. Assisting our customers in their developments, they can take projects from ideas to fully finished, tested and ready-to-market textiles products.

Our in-house testing facilities allow us to test fabrics to EN ISO standards for:

Physical Properties

Identification of characteristic features of fabric structures, including weight per unit area and number of threads, tensile, tear and elongation forces, dimensional change after washing and drying (domestic and commercial laundering), resistance to pilling and martindale method for abrasion


Visual and spectrophotometer colour measurement, infrared spectrophotometry, colour difference, colour matching, colour change and staining, colour fastness to domestic and commercial laundering (various methods)

Other Properties

Air-permeability, oil repellency, resistance to surface wetting (spray test), resistance to penetration by water (hydrostatic pressure test), flame spread and burning behaviour

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