We are experts in textile dyeing processes

At Pincroft we have over 130 years of commission textile dyeing knowledge

We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding quality products and working in close partnership with our customers to meet their exact fabric requirements.

No matter what colour you desire, at Pincroft, our textile dyeing processes are here to help make it possible.

Wherever possible, we will use eco-friendly methods in order to minimise the environmental impact that our textile dyeing processes have. We recycle heat that our dyeing produces, which saves on energy, while simultaneously reducing CO2 emissions. The amount of water we use is well below industry benchmarks, and we have also invested heavily in chemical recovery systems.


We carefully implement each textile dyeing process we have to ensure it is as sustainable as possible, and this ethos runs through every aspect of our manufacturing. 


We utilise modern computerised colour matching and shade evaluation equipment to ensure that precise and repeatable colour is achieved. Our dyeing process means your fabric will be colour true and that it will withstand repeated industrial laundering and wear.

We have state of the art equipment including preparation wash ranges to ensure that all our fabrics are prepared to the highest possible standard. Atmospheric or high temperature jig dyeing, through to our continuous dye ranges. We have the ability to use Vat, Direct, Disperse, Reactive, Azoic and Acid dyes to create your desired textile finish.

We’re also highly accredited, read more about our recent OEKO-TEX® and ISO 45001 Certifications here

Pincroft Dyeing offers Europe’s largest and most advanced commission scouring, dyeing and finishing facilities in the heart of the UK.

No fabric is complete without our quality assurance, with our fully equipped laboratory to test fabrics to a wide range of standards from air permeability to tensile and tear strength.

At Pincroft, your fabric is safe in our hands, we are renowned for our high standards, fast delivery of commission dyeing and finishing on a wide range of woven fabrics supporting weavers, garment makers and designers to produce high quality items.

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