Our expertise – together with our hi-tech facilities – ensures consistency of colour regardless of batch size or separate runs. Colours are also exactly matched to customer specification, which is obviously of critical importance in fabrics used for apparel that has to match an organisation’s corporate identity.

We can also collaborate with customers to produce new shades to give designers greater freedom, which is another key factor as workwear today is often required to have an element of style and fashion.

Whatever the colour, whatever the fabric, our eco-friendly dyeing processes give results that maintain their integrity over a long garment life and withstand repeated industrial laundering.

Dyeing Methods

Whether is continuous or batch dyeing, at Pincroft we can adapt to the customer’s needs.


Our minimum order quantity for dyeing is 3,000 mts.

Fabric Specs

We can process fabrics that are between 70cm and 165cm wide. Including cotton, cellulose, nylon, polyester, stretch, antistatic and inherent, to name a few.

Colour Matching

We can match shades to Pantone or RAL references, to a sample, or to coordinates (CIE, Lab, CMC).

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