Batch Sized Commission Fabric Dyers and Finishers

At Alltex we have a wealth of experience working as batch sized commission fabric dyers and fabric finishers. 

We have continuously put our customers at the forefront of what we do, which, over the years, has allowed us to develop lasting professional relationships within the industry. 

Based at our Adlington production site, we work with fabric batches ranging in size, from 50 metres up to 2,500 metres, and in widths from 90cm up to 220cm.

For continuous dyeing or batch sizes larger than this, please contact our sister company, Pincroft.

We offer: 

  • Batch dyeing and fabric finishing in quantities from 50 metres up to 2,500 metres. 
  • The ability to process fabrics from 90cm to 220cm in width.
  • Digital printing preparation 
  • Nylon dyeing using high temperature jig or atmospheric dyeing
  • Cotton dyeing using atmospheric dyeing

We also have the capabilities to bleach, raise, emerise, calendar and finish fabric for our customers. 

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Bleaching Fabric 

One of the first steps in the process of textile manufacturing, with the objective of removing any inherent natural colour.

Raising Fabric

A finishing process during which softness and warmth are imparted on fabric, this is done by treating the surface with sharp teeth to lift the surface fibres.

Emerising Fabric

A raising process during which fabric, in open width, is passed over emery covered, rotating rollers. This process produces a suede-like finish. 

Calendaring Fabric

Under high pressure and temperature, the fabric is passed through rollers to produce a smooth or thinner material.

Fabric Finishing – Typically involves three stages: washing and drying, stabilising, and pressing

Fabric Finishers 

At Alltex we are able to process textiles from 90cm up to 220 cm in width on both our jig and our Stenter. This allows us to work with wide width canvases which are used in sports halls and stadiums around the country. 

For several years we have also been working closely with companies whose fabrics are used regularly in major international sporting events and international hotel chains around the world. 

Fabric Dyers

At Alltex we have been investing in our facilities in order to allow us to meet the demands of today, while we set the standard for future textile performance. 

As commission fabrics dyers, we ensure that we fully understand our customers’ requirements, and are aware of the importance of being their partner in the production of their finished fabrics, with our dyeing facilities ensuring that the fabric finish meets the exact requirements and specifications. 

If you would like to find out more about our batch sized commission finishing and dyeing, get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.