Manufacturing the fabric for a virus killing snood

Pincroft, have teamed up with a UK biotech firm that developed a snood with technologies that prevent and protect against airborne virus transmission.

Virustatic Shield is the result of 10 years extensive research, to create an innovative anti-viral fabric coating applied to a light, easy to wear snood that guarantees a 360 degree and 96% protection against viruses in the air.

The product acts as a barrier that attracts, traps and kills viruses in airborne droplets 15 times smaller than a human hair, so it’s safe to wear and touch as the virus will become inactive after touching the fabric.

The soft handle of the fabric used to create these ‘virus killing’ snoods makes it a comfortable alternative to the common face masks which can be hard to wear for prolonged periods of time.

Also the nature of the fabric and the coating in it are safe to wear, reuse and touch after being exposed to germs then also wash following the manufacturer instructions.

Managing Director, Mike Collins, says: “We are very proud and excited to be part of this innovative project given the necessity for protection in days where the fight against coronavirus becomes part of everyone’s lives.”

Collins adds: “Our production capacity is currently running as normal and able to manufacture millions of these snoods in the hope that they help protect lives by making them available to care staff, patients and the general public.”

For more information about Virustatic Shield and how to make an order, please visit their website directly at