A guide to Multi terrain pattern

What is MTP?

There are many styles of camouflage fabric available for textile use, but the official camouflage used by the armed forces is MTP or Multi-Terrain Pattern. MTP is a type of camouflage developed to perform across a wide range of environments including desert, woodland, mountains and urban and is officially licensed by the MOD

It was first created by the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) who tested various military camouflage patterns to determine the best balance of colours using computer modelling across representations of the green zone, desert and transition backgrounds.

When did MTP come into use?

The basis for Multi-Terrain Pattern is Multi-Cam®, another camouflage pattern that was first developed by Crye Precision for the U.S Army in 2002. Multi-Cam® was adapted in combination with the British DPM (Disruptive Pattern Material), and Crye Precision also designed the Multi-Terrain Pattern for the UK MOD.

MTP Print was first issued for operations in Afghanistan with personnel serving under the 4th Mechanised Brigade from March 2010, before being issued more widely to HM Forces from 2011.

What is the criteria for creating Multi-Terrain Pattern fabric?

MTP material has a specific set of criteria it must meet in order to meet official MOD standards. The print is made up of 7 colours including, Cream, Khaki, Light Green, Green, Light Brown, Mid Brown and Dark Brown. The print must also meet the requirements of UK/SC/6600 standard for colour fastness, physical performance and IRR (Infra-Red Reflective).

How does Pincroft produce Multi-Terrain Pattern?

To meet these exact criteria, we test commission prints at regular intervals to ensure these standards are met at each stage of the production process. To produce Multi-Terrain Pattern printed textiles, the art design is separated into the individual colours then engraved onto individual rotary nickel mesh screens. Colour is then fed into these screens and transferred through the open mesh onto the fabric. We produce huge quantities of MTP each year, with around 300,000 linear metres being printed on various fabrics last year alone!

Chris Durkin, Pincroft’s Print Shop Colourist says: “MTP was one of the first camouflage designs to incorporate tone work, which was a challenge we were eager to reach and did so. We have commission printed in excess of half a million metres of Multi Terrain Pattern on various fabrics including 1000D nylon, 500D nylon, 2oz nylon, 4oz nylon, Nomex, Gaberdine cotton and various cotton blends including NYCO and poly-cottons to name a few.”

At Pincroft we are printing professionals and we proudly support the British Armed Forces with Multi-Terrain Pattern printed fabrics for standard issue battlefield dress and equipment. We are renowned for our quality, fast delivery of commission and ability to print on a wide range of woven fabrics, supporting weavers, garment makers and designers to produce high quality military items.

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