Fresh, expressive and modern: New brand image for Pincroft

At Pincroft we are continuously looking to improve not only our textile manufacturing processes, but also the customer experience and the way we are identified in the market.

For that reason, we have refreshed our brand image with a visual identity deeply rooted in the history of the company, a unique expression of who and what we are.

This new branding boasts a splash of ink representing the dyes that for over a century we have applied to millions of metres of fabric distributed around the world for multiple end uses. This new ‘splash’ is full of colours and textures, giving the brand a fresh, expressive and modern feel.

Justin Price, Senior Graphic Designer, explained: “I tried to create something that would give homage to Pincroft’s past and beginnings but also be modern and relevant today, while at the same time fitting in with the rest of the Group’s new image.”

The new branding will start to appear in all aspects of Pincroft’s marketing. Moving forward it will be a vital ingredient of the company’s communications that will visually differentiate the brand from our competitors, as well as express our brand values, whether this is on social media, in a brochure or presentation, through to future exhibition appearances.