Pincroft Unveils Innovations in Military Textile Printing at DSEI 2023

We, at Pincroft, a leading commission textile dyer, printer, and finisher in Europe, with over 90 years of experience supplying armed forces and defence companies globally, are thrilled to announce our debut participation at this year’s DSEI in London.

We will showcase an array of defence-centric services and concepts, including our cutting-edge Baldwin Texcoat G4 precision spray technology. This advancement is capable of applying diverse finishes to textiles, including permethrin for vector protection. The innovative equipment serves as a significant advantage in safeguarding defence personnel during mosquito-prone duties.

Mike Collins, our Managing Director, highlights, “Our Baldwin Texcoat G4 precision spray technology offers dual utility. The single-sided spray finishing is ideal when full finish effectiveness is required solely on the face side of the end item, for instance, vector, fluorocarbon, and antimicrobial protection. The dual spray finish replicates the traditional padding method, while reducing chemical and water usage, thereby providing a sustainable solution for our valued customers.”

Revolutionising Concealment: Night Stealth Camo

Our groundbreaking concept, “Night Stealth Camo,” is designed to revolutionise concealment during nocturnal special operations. This bespoke solution caters precisely to the unique requirements of special forces operatives.

Acknowledging the paramount importance of infrared disruption for nocturnal missions, “Night Stealth Camo” stands as an industry innovation. While it appears black to the naked eye, the fabric displays intricately printed camouflage patterns with infrared signatures when viewed through night vision equipment. This versatile technology accommodates various fabric types, including 100% cotton and cotton blends.

At DSEI, Pincroft will conduct a live demonstration of “Night Stealth Camo.” Attendees will witness the fabric seamlessly transition from black under regular vision to revealing intricate infrared camouflage patterns when observed through night vision equipment. This live exhibition at DSEI underscores our unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of concealment technology.

A Prolific Legacy

For an impressive 90 years, Pincroft has proudly delivered camouflage printing services to global armed forces. Equipped with state-of-the-art rotary printing facilities, we excel in crafting camouflage patterns that seamlessly incorporate infrared reflectivity (IRR), maintaining colour, shade, and performance integrity. Our extensive collection features over 50 designs, complemented by the ability to create custom camouflage patterns. With an adept in-house team of colourists, we excel in meeting intricate IRR specifications and formulating tailor-made wavelength designs spanning from 600nm to 1200nm. Supported by advanced testing facilities and decades of colourist expertise, Pincroft precisely manipulates reflectance values to meet stringent standards, ensuring consistent quality.

To delve deeper into Pincroft’s textile services, we welcome you to visit our exhibit at DSEI in London’s Excel, from September 12th to 15th, Manufacturing Hub, Pod 8. Alternatively, please visit