A Guide to Camouflage – Multi-Cam® Printing

Multi-Cam® is the combat-proven solution for concealment in widely varied and mixed terrain that was developed to effectively limit the visual and near-IR signature of the user in a wide range of physical environments and seasons.

As one of the world’s most advanced facilities for commission fabric dyeing, printing and finishing, we are a trusted partner for businesses and militaries across the globe which is why we were chosen to be the only official printer of Multi-Cam® camouflage fabrics in the European market.

How does Multi-Cam® work?

The unique high-resolution design of Multi-Cam® takes advantage of how the human eye and brain see and interpret colour, shape and mass. Since only a very small portion of the human eye can perceive these, the brain does a lot of “filling-in”, which means that users wearing MultiCam® are interpreted as part of the background or environment they are in. 

The Multi-Cam® patterns also work by using more of a blending effect than other traditional forms of camouflage which use contrast effects. This unique effect increases the effectiveness of the patterns even at close range where other patterns may become visible against the background. 

What Multi-Cam® patterns are there?

Multi-Cam® comes in a variety of patterns from Tropic to Alpine so users can count for nearly every possible environmental condition and ensure their camouflage needs are met no matter the situation.


While the Multi-Cam® patterns can be used alone and have distinct patterns to match specific conditions, all of the patterns are also designed to work together as a complete camouflage system to meet the needs of nearly any environments.

Want to find out more about Multi-Cam®?

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