Meet Denise – The welcoming face and voice of Pincroft

As one of Europe’s largest commission dyers, printers and textile finishers, at Pincroft we believe in delivering the highest standards in everything we do from our lab testing to guarantee quality to offering outstanding customer service.

As the first face you’ll see at Pincroft, Denise knows this better than anyone else and has been working on reception for over over 20 years! 

Many of our customers, suppliers and visitors will have had the pleasure to have met Denise, who always gives a wonderfully warm welcome and goes above and beyond to support our customers and suppliers with enquiries to the highest level of professionalism.

Pincroft office worker

Denise adds: ‘I started to work for the business in 2000 and I couldn’t think of doing anything else. This role gives me the chance to meet people, which I love, and each day can be totally different. Outside of work I love to go on holiday and hopefully once things get back to some kind of normality it would be nice to go to Spain or somewhere nice and hot! I am also a Nana to 2 grandchildren and love to spend time with them.’

We are proud to have had Denise making people smile and our customers feel valued for two decades and we appreciate the care that all of the Pincroft family puts into every step of the fabric production process.

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